HelloPharma 3D Electric Toothbrush - Adult

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Packing List:

1- 3D Electric Toothbrush

1- Wireless Charger

1- Silicone Brushhead

1- Whitening toothpaste

1- Whitening Gel Pen

1-Rinsing Cup/UVC sanitization Cover

1-Dental Shades Guide Card


Product Features:

1. High Output UV & Blue-Lights Ultra Whitening- combine with our photo-catalyst toothpaste, it delivers 8 shades lighter teeth in 8 weeks just by daily brushing

2. IR-Lights Gum Massage-healthy gum is the foundation of healthy teeth

3. The ONLY U-shape toothbrush providing 2min brushing time. Our magnetic levitation high-speed motor is powerful & build to last a life long

4. This toothbrush serves for both brushing and flossing

5. It’s germ free - Auto Drying and UVC Sanitation after each prevents any germs growing in the brush as as issue of traditional brushes