(2 Pack) Replacement 3D Silicone Toothbrush Head for HelloPharma 3D Electric Toothbrush

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  • Food Grade Silicone Material.  The FDA has approved food grade silicone as safe - meaning it will not react with other materials or release hazardous compounds when heated. It is considered a “ food-safe substance”which is why it can now be found in numerous baby bottle nipples, plates, sippycups, baking dishes, kitchen utensils, mats and even toys.
  • More Effective Cleaning! HelloPharma Toothbrush Head is designed with more & longer bristles than any other brand brush head!!! It can Eliminate 99.99% of inside the oral cavity, and provide health protection.  
  • It does both Brushing and Flossing!!! Again, HelloPharma Silicone Toothbrush Head is designed with more layers and longer bristles. It is perfectly designed to get in between your teeth during brushing so that no flossing is needed after your regular toothbrushing!
  • HelloPharma Silicone Toothbrush Head U-shaped bite is Better designed to fit the mouth shape, so your tooth brushing is  more effective.